10 July 2015

FMD K&L opening in Armenia, 2015




It gives me great pleasure to announce the success of our FMD K&L opening in Armenia, 2015. After months of team’s hard work, we have entered into the gateway of Europe. The evening commenced at 7pm on a hot, continental evening in Yerevan, the capital. The honorary guests and VIP’s were invited to witness the introduction and global strategy for FMD in Armenia and Europe. Dr. Henry Wu made a special trip to the event for the inaugural ribbon cutting ceremony. This was followed by a succinct introduction for the honorary guests and VIP’s about his place in FMD and his impression of the unity within the Armenian branch. Dr. Wu commented on the cultural characteristics imbuing within Armenia along with its deep and expansive history, concluding that the importance of education services (especially relating to the medical field) and location of Armenia makes it the perfect gateway for a pharmaceutical market in Europe.


Among the invited guests was John D. Balian, MD, an experienced Senior Executive in Multinational companies including Pfizer Inc and Johnson & Johnson. He was in Armenia on a family vacation and did not want to miss this very auspicious occasion. In his introduction, Dr Balian, highlighted the importance of FMD’s work as the ‘second largest CRO in China’, emphasizing that there ‘is nothing small in China’! Dr. Balian’s natural charisma and experience in the field shone through as he bilingually engaged with the audience in Armenian and English. Dr. Balian overtly expressed the healthy working relationship between FMD and this organization, welcoming future plans and the development strategy of FMD.


Drinks and canapés were on hand to make a fitting taste, talk and tour of the offices. Relevant and useful leads were generated throughout the evening as people from local companies came to be entertained and inspired by the work FMD is doing in a rich and untapped country. During the evening, a presentation was given on the topic of ‘Importance of Clinical Trials’ with an added focus on patient perspective. Dr Karapet Davtyan, Study Manager, summed up the evening and closed with a final speech thanking all the honorary guests and VIP’s attending the event.


FMD’s investment and branching off into Armenia has turned out to be a success from all involved. FMD’s expansion in Armenia will continue to increase, as will the productivity, ability and unity of the FMD ‘Pharmily’.



Kirit Velani

Director of International Client Engagement