This privacy policy outlines our rules regarding contact information we collect through our website. Before using our website, please read carefully about our policy and rules on privacy.

1. Personal Information and security method

With your permission, we request that you enter your personal information when you register on our website.our data and personal information will be collected and stored on our server. FMD will not use your personal information without your content. There is secure software on our website to keep your data safe. All the safety measures include backup to another server and encryption of your password

2. Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer when visiting websites, which allow a website to keep track of contents you have visited and record your preference in certain circumstances. You can also disable cookies in the browser.

3. Disclaimer

FMD will not take any responsibility for the following situations:

3.1 Your information is leaked because of the disclosing of private information caused by the negligent actions of the user him or herself.

3.2 Your information is leaked, lost, stolen or tampered as a result of the force majeure that interrupts the normal operation of network, such as hackers, computer virus invasion or attack and government order forsuspension.

3.3 Leakage of personal information by other website linked within the website and any legal dispute and consequence arising from such a leakage.FMD reserves all rights to interpret, revise and update this privacy statement.